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Genius Pet Doors
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The Pet-Tek Genius electronic dog door, and electronic cat door are the ultimate in programmable selective entry pet doors giving the customer ultimate control and flexibly over their pet's movements. No more unwanted animals such as raccoons or the neighbor's pets can gain entry into your home. The door is activated by a small intelligent collar tag worn around the animal's neck. Once the animal comes within a range, the door will automatically open allowing the animal access. Should your animal lose its collar key, a new key maybe programmed with a simple two step process. Each pet can have individual timed entry and exit settings. Our Genius range of dog doors, are built from strong aluminum construction to cope with the rigors or larger animals. The automatic slide function is manufactured from thick polycarbonate. This is a virtually unbreakable material with very good UV properties. The door provides a positive seal against the weather and will reduce energy costs associated with many other pet doors. The door also includes an alarm which will be activated should any person tamper with the door i.e an intruder.

All Doors Include:

* Full selective entry for entry exit

* Individual pet selective entry and exit

* Individual timed entry and exit settings

* Security and built in tamper alarm

* The automatic slide is self locking

* Programmable for up to 80 individual pets

* Operates from mains power via plug-pact

* LCD screen and keyboard for programming

* Simple programming of replacement collar keys

* Collar keys do not interfere with other appliances

Available in June or July. Email us if you would like to be notified when these doors are available.

The Genius dog door will be available in small, med, large and extra large.

The Genius cat door shown below, will have an opening of 7.75" X 7.5"


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